Anonymous asked:
are you a fan of the profound programmer?

I have actually never heard of the site until you told me, lol! I just checked it out and it’s hilarious.

acodetojoy asked:
I really want to bolster my CS skills this summer; I'm relatively new to this field, classes in intro Python, C and C++. Obviously, I am not going to fall into the trap of just doing programs for homework. But I really am having trouble focusing on WHAT to do? Should I learn Ruby, refine my C++ and Python skills, build a website, do a side project? Do I even know enough to contribute to an open source project? So my question is: how do you figure out your Grand Project?

I guess the best thing to do would be to start learning C so you can understand the basics since you’re relatively new. 

I highly recommend the book, The C Programming Language by Kernighan and Richie. You can check it out at your local library or order it online. This book has a lot of examples of using C in multiple settings. Then, you’ll be able to move on to side projects and reference the book if need be. Practice makes perfect. I’ve also heard that starting with Python is also a good introduction to programming languages. Look at other people’s code and figure out how and why they would write it that way.

Also, find something you’re interested in that’s related to programming to motivate you to learn more. For example, I love playing video games and animation, so that encouraged me to learn more about using programs like Maya and coding simple games via PyGame.

If you have a specific question about a problem you may run into, is a great resource as well.

On the sidebar of this blog there’s also some links to free tutorials for different languages.

Hope this helps get you started! 

184game asked:
why the h*ck would you want to use mouse interactions in the console o_O

I honestly don’t know myself. Classes (college courses I mean, pun unintended) make students do the strangest things. O_O

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polkadottedsnowman asked:
Hi um so Im taking a course in java and im not great at it. Would you mind helping me out with something? I dont know how to do anything with mouse interactions in Console. Im not alowed to use swing so im having trouble finding an answer... Help?

Hi, there! To be honest I’m not sure. Are you trying to do a particular interaction in Console?

I found this thread that may help answer your question, but my followers may have a better answer. If any of you know, you can reply or respond to this user directly! :)